Selling a Property?

Chapple Property Management is an independent Family run Estate Agency, who offers a unique and personal service to vendors and purchasers seeking to sell or buy quality homes throughout Plymouth, Saltash, and South East Cornwall. Our particular approach to the preparation and production of property details is meticulous. The platform upon which successful marketing of property is launched sets us apart and considerably enhances the opportunities for our clients to sell their homes.

We are a pro-active, efficient and cost-effective Estate agent that has a wealth of knowledge, boasting an abundance of experience looking after owners and landlords’ interests in the local Sales, lettings (Including Commercial) & management markets.

Our foundations are built upon providing a professional and individual service to each and every one of our clients, treating their property with the same care and attention as we would our own. One of our main objectives as a local, family run business is to buck the trend of the stereotypical estate agent and provide a tailored and personalised service throughout the moving process. Our excellence is a total commitment to the highest standards of professional integrity and client care.

We know what it takes to sell or let a property and, we love helping buyers and tenants find their new homes too – we just want to help our customers get moving. Everyone comes to us with their own unique needs and preferences; our team of professional highly motivated staff are well trained, always on hand to help and assist you, whether that be as an owner, landlord, tenant or someone just seeking advice.

You know how great your home is, but when you sell your property, you have to convince someone else. At our first meeting, we will give you an estimated value for your home, and a commission rate for both sole agency and multiple agencies.

  • Marketing your property with us
  • Our team will guide you through the selling process.
  • We design your sales particulars based on detailed knowledge of local property.
  • We offer effective advertising across media platforms.
  • Maximum attention for your property.
  • Access to our database of prospective buyers.
  • Regular progress updates to help you find the right buyer at the right price.
  • Your property listed on all the major property websites.
  • Local press coverage.
  • Sales coordinator/Moving team

This efficient and complimentary service takes home sellers through to completion. We will communicate with you through all tiers of the chain on your behalf.

An EPC  is required to advertise; this can be arranged at an additional charge if needed.

Working with your agent

Work with your agent and make them work for you. At  Chapple Property Management, we believe every seller and their home is unique. We’d like you to tell us what made you fall in love with your home and what you enjoy most about it now. We’ll highlight this information when we start marketing your home to like-minded buyers.

Make sure we are aware of your situation, too. If you are just testing the water and aren’t 100% committed to moving, we just simply need to know. Likewise, if you can’t move for six months, or, if you need to move imminently, tell us and we may be able to regulate the pace of the sale.

Listen to your agent’s advice… we do know the local market and fundamentally, we always have your interests at heart.

Money Matters

Settling on an asking price will be one of the biggest decisions you make in this process. Invite a selection of local agents to come in and value your property, but don’t just go with the agent that provides the highest valuation and/or the lowest fee. An over-inflated asking price may really inhibit the speed of the sale. A low agent fee may mean you get a mediocre service at best.

Do your own research on the Land Registry website and find out what similar properties to yours have sold for in the area. If an agent gives you a much higher valuation than the others, ask them to provide examples of comparable sales.

Preparing your home

At Chapple Property Management, we always say that ‘first impressions count’, presentation of your property is critical to a successful sale. There’s no avoiding those little DIY jobs that have been waiting to be done for years when you are looking to sell. Take some time to fix those loose floorboards, finish paint jobs, nail down the squeaking floorboard and fit the last skirting board. These details matter.

Once that’s done, have a good clear out. Get rid of any clutter and thin out your personal items, like bulky ornaments, family photographs, paperwork and toys. This gives buyers the space to visualise themselves living in your house.

Before the viewings begin, make sure your home is sparkling clean from top to bottom, especially the kitchen and bathroom. If needs be, have the carpets professionally shampooed, particularly if you have pets.

Improve your home’s kerb appeal, too. Paint your front door, polish up the brass (if you have any) and sweep away any leaves from the front of the house. Mow the lawn and make sure your garden looks neat and tidy. Show how particular areas can be used for al fresco dining with strategically placed garden furniture.

By law, you will need to commission an EPC (energy performance certificate) for your property. Your estate agent can help you to organise this. You won’t be able to market the property without one, so get it sorted as soon as possible.

Line up your solicitor and do some pre-planning

Instruct a solicitor from the outset so that you are ready for action. Waiting until you have accepted an offer can delay the process unnecessarily. 

Make sure you have all of your paperwork in order as this can really speed things up. So, if your property is leasehold or share of freehold, make sure you have the papers ready to pass on to your solicitor. Likewise, obtain any planning or building consents well in advance – these can help clinch a sale. Your estate agent and solicitor will be able to advise you on the type of paperwork you need to gather.

Chapple Property Management would be happy to offer recommendations of local conveyancing solicitors in which we have good working relationships with.

When the buyers are in

It is usually best to let your estate agent show the buyers around whilst you go out – they will feel more comfortable if you’re not there. This means they can have an open discussion about your house without fear of causing offence. They’ll also be able to take their time imagining how your home could become their home.

It’s a tricky one, but try and work around viewings. It really helps matters if buyers are able to view your home at a time that suits them. If not, there’s the risk they’ll see another property and forget yours.

If you have tenants in the property, give them plenty of notice about your plans and keep things friendly. That way, they’re more likely to keep the place looking tidy and accommodate viewings.

If at all possible, pack your pets off for a day trip to the neighbours or in-laws. Another nice touch is to leave any parking space you may have free for the buyer. Something as simple as an easy park will help ensure they enter your home in a good frame of mind.

Avoid strong cooking smells and don’t smoke in the house in the run up to viewings. Open windows and place a few bunches of fresh flowers around the house to freshen things up and demonstrate that you care about what the buyer thinks.

Post Viewing

Do take feedback on board – if all the feedback from viewings points towards a particular issue – do something about it.

Receiving an offer

As soon as an offer is received it will be dealt with by a senior member of staff who will notify you both verbally and in writing. Any special conditions of the offer will also be stated in writing and we will check the buyer’s ability to proceed before you decide whether to accept the offer.

Offer agreed

Once you accept an offer we will do the following:

* Prepare a memorandum of sale
* Write to all parties to confirm the agreed price
* Ask you to confirm your solicitor’s details

Your solicitor will send out a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor who will then carry out preliminary enquiries. At this stage you will also be able to agree on dates for the survey on your property, exchange of contracts and proposed date for completion.

We will advise you and negotiate on your behalf throughout this process, keeping you informed every step of the way. There are no legal obligations until contracts are signed.

Exchange of contracts

Exchange of contracts occurs when the following have been confirmed and agreed:

* Preliminary enquiries following receipt of draft contract
* Evidence of a good title
* Specific issues highlighted in the Lease, if applicable
* Local search queries
* Fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale
* The buyer’s mortgage offer

Once the contract has been signed by both parties the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) will be telegraphically transferred or paid in the form of a banker’s draft by the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor. The completion date is then set by mutual agreement.


Completion is when the residual monies (usually 90%) are transferred from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor’s account.

Your solicitor will call you when the money has cleared in your account and will inform us to release the keys.

Congratulations, your property is now sold!

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